Sampling of several surveys around the world. I will link videos to some of the dances. You can look them up on YouTube if you wish. See something you would like to learn – let me know. 

World Linedance Newsletter – See Links for Dancers page to see how to vote

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Ont's most taught in May


Dance / Choreographer

One Lat

A Love Worth Waiting For /Norman Gifford


Codigo /Pat Stott


Don’t Worry / Debra O’Hare


Hideaway Cha / Marshall, Brady,Szymanski


Reunited /Niels Poulson


Some King of Wonderful /Gary O’Reily


We’re Good To Go / Rob Fowler


Won’t You Dance With Me /B. Holcomb 


Love Grows / Maddison & Bennet


World Linedance Newsletter of Week of June 26= HERE IS HOW YOU CAN VOTE NEXT WEEK: List up to 8 of your favorites and email to by 6:30 p.m. Sunday . vote early! Please use this format: Dance/Choreographer/Level (if you know)

1stPortlandCha/ Glass,Vane,Betts,Madge,Ward,Poulsen/ Adv  (-)

2ndBreak IntoMyHeart/ Darren Bailey/Intermediate (-)

3rd  Danger Twins / Karl-H. Winson & Jamie Barnfield/low Int (+2)

4th Till The Neons Gone /Darren Bailey / Imp (-1)

4thCrazy In Line   Warren, Glover, Ward/Phrased Int (4)

5th  1+1/  Niels Poulsen, JP Madge/Intermediate (+1)

6th Sabor /Jason Takahash / Int

6th ZigZag / Scott Blevins and Fred  Whitehouse/ Advanced (+1)

7thEspecially For You/Simon Ward & Niels Poulsen Adv (-)

7th Hold On /Fred Whitehouse . Intermediate

7th Wild Child /  Scott Blevins/ intermediate

8th Raised Like That  Darren Bailey/Low Intermediate (-2)

8th Shake You Cake /AmyGlass+ Cody Fowers / Beg

8th Til You Can’t /  Gary O’Reilly/Intermediate (+2)

8th Would Have Loved Her Darren Bailey/low intermediate (-)

9th Suda (AKA Sweat)   Sobrielo Philip Gene   Advanced (-3)

10th Cold Heart / Maddison Glover / Improver









Linedancer World Survey


Shouting To The Monsters / Niels Poulson / Int    (-)


I’ve Seen It All /Gary O’Reilly/ Int        0


Sweet Attraction /Sala, Guichard,Musk / Int ( -1)
#4 What A Song Can Do / Heather Barton, Andrew Hayes /Improver   (-)


Portland Cha/ Glass,Betts,Madge,…..Adv  0


1+1 / J.P. Madge, Neils Poulsen / Int  (+2)


Raise Like That / Darren Bailey /Imp     (-1)


Till You Can’t /Gary O’Reilly/ Int (-1)


Train Wreck / Niels Poulson / Imp (*)


Gives Me Shivers / Brandon Zahorsky / Imp (*)

I’m On My WayMaggie Gallagher   +1