Dancing 2 The Beat With Colette & Pete

Here a few links to our favourite line dance web sites

        Both of these sites are from the UK. Check them out. They both play the music we dance to -  both current and oldies
        DJ Mark  (click on picture)

           Lorraine Brown  (Click on picture)


Dancin' Feet In Motion
Local line dance instructors Carol Larocque and Marthe Thibeault keep us up to date with what they are teaching at their weekly classes
World famous instructor and choreographer Vivienne Scott has reports and pictures from events all across the globe
Robert Fielder has an extensive list of events happening all across Ontario
This is Judy McDonald's web site where you can view her choreography and her annual workshop CLDC held every year in March



New dances or old dances you can find them here along with a survey of the most taught, liked and popular line dances


This site contains everything you need to know about line dancing. They have a daily newsletter with contributors from around the world.  They have a weekly survey that you can vote in, a list of the most recent choreography along with videos.


What more can I say, than this is the BEST web site for step sheets. Easy to find what you are looking for. 
Based in Great Britain, this web site covers events from all over Europe and everywhere else around the world. Great source for step sheets and surveys.
For all that's happening in Europe and North America. They also have a survey of dances most liked and taught. Loads of information from around the world.