Dancing 2 The Beat With Colette & Pete


 Colette Proulx

 Pierrette Vincent-Schroeder (aka Pete)



I started dancing as a Millennium project back in 2000. Encouraged by my co-worker and friend Cora, I found something I really enjoyed. When my dance instructor Donna decided to winter in Florida she asked me to take over her class. I asked Pete if she would join me in this new venture and being the really really good friend that she is, well, here we are.

I cherish everything line dancing has to offer me: travel, meeting new people, learning new dances & discovering music from all around the world. Line dancing fits my Gemini personality perfectly; it is always changing; something new and exciting to do all the time.

When my son asked me choose a line dance for his wedding, I was thrilled. It turned out to be not only a mother and son dance, but also daughter and daughter-in-law along with a couple of really good friends! That’s the great thing about line dancing everybody can join in.  

I will be forever grateful for this opportunity to do something I am truly passionate about.

Let’s always take the time to dance.

After taking ballroom dancing for several years, as a favour to a good friend, in January 1995, I agreed to one session of line dancing (only because she was a really, really good friend!!) After 16 years, I enjoy it as much as I did that very first year. In 2007, as Colette was interested in teaching, and did not want to venture into this alone, I agreed to take this on with her (only because she is a really, really,

really good friend!!!) All the work that goes into preparation and teaching is returned two fold by the wonderful students we have been blessed with in our classes.  

As for my personal life, I have been blessed there as well.  I have 3 incredible children, who make me proud each and every day, and two wonderful grandchildren, who make my life complete. For the past 30+ years,I have been fortunate to have great employment with the hospital,working with families of children with disabilities.

Keep dancing!!! And preferably, 2 the beat with Colette and Pete!!!